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Area Region

Wuxi lies in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta,covers an area of 4788sqkm,The population is 6.2millon.2 country levels cities (Jiangyin,YiXing),5 administrative districts(XiShan、HuiShan、BinHu、XinWu、LiangXi).

3000 years ago,the Wu Culture breed the beautiful JiangNan.300 years ago,the famous wharf with cloth、rice and silk was born here.100 years ago,Wuxi is also the cradle of national industrial and commercial.50 years ago,The township enterprise.

Xishan District is the important part of Wuxi,lies to the east of the Wuxi,cover an area of 396sqkm , resident population is more than 600,000.Xishan is the greatness of a man lends glory to a place,many talent people.The author of《Moonlight on the second spring》,the folk musician A Bin.Li Shen,the poet in Tang Dynasty,and Gu Kaizhi、Ni Zan,Gu XianCheng all come from Xishan District.








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